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In 1897 Thomas Ernest Webb,the eldest son of Thomas Wilkes Webb,left the family firm of Thomas Webb & Sons to start a new firm with George Harry Corbett at the White House Glassworks.
The trademark “Webb-Corbett” was registered the same year.
On 31st March 1914 a disastrous fire broke out at the White House which resulted in the firm moving to Coalbournhill Glassworks.
The firm gradually began to grow in stature and in 1952 was renamed Webb Corbett Ltd.
The original glass cone (as seen in the photo) had to be demolished in 1966 due to it being dangerously unstable.
In 1969 Webb Corbett Ltd became part of the Royal Doulton group.
Due to increased competition from Europe the works finally closed in April 2000.
The site is now known as the Ruskin glass centre where several ex- blowers and cutters are offering their services as well as housing students.

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