Crystal Care

As the manufacture of crystal involves mouth-blowing, hand-cutting and scrupulous polishing, care needs to be taken to ensure maximum longevity.

  • Never stack crystal glasses or bowls.
  • All crystal, as opposed to glass, contains a small amount of lead (up to 36%) and should therefore not be exposed to very hot water, as this will cause clouding.
  • A dishwasher must not be used for any crystal, as the washing process is too harsh and will damage the glasses and shorten their lifespan.
  • Glasses should always be washed separately as several together in a bowl or sink can easily be chipped.
  • Gold applications on crystal are usually applied by hand and consist most frequently of thin gold leaf. Such crystal needs extra special care and the gold surface should never be rubbed or scrubbed too vigorously. Even with care, the gold leaf will wear off with use and time. Crystal can be re-gilded when this happens.
  • Never allow candles in crystal holders to burn down below 1 inch, as this will cause the candlestick to crack and possibly splinter due to heat intensity.
  • Do not put dry ice into ice buckets or Champagne coolers; always put approximately 1 inch of cold tap water in first.
  • Ruby port or red wine should not be left in decanters for long periods of time, as this will make them difficult to clean
  • To clean very stained vases or decanters, try a recommended leading brand of denture cleaner dissolved in water and left to stand overnight. Slightly stained crystal can be cleaned with a little soapy water or a little uncooked rice can be added, as the abrasiveness of the rice is usually sufficient to clean off stains.
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