Royal Brierley crystal

ecomcategories-image-4Royal Brierley’s history stretches back to the early 17th century when exiled Huguenot craftsmen, attracted by the abundant fuel and fireclay, settled around Stourbridge and rapidly made the region famous for its crystal glass. Joseph Silvers, first of the family line that has directed the company ever since, set up his own glasshouse in Brierley Hill in 1776.

The extraordinary achievements of this early period established new techniques and design styles, putting Royal Brierley at the pinnacle of excellence in English crystal.

Little wonder therefore that King George V should see fit to award the Royal Warrant to the company in 1919 and renewed by each successive Monarch since.
In 1985 the company was also granted the Warrant of HRH The Prince of Wales.

The old factory closed its doors in 2000 but the designs are still enjoyed today.


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